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Consider the Dimensions of Cloud Deployment to Achieve Secure Collaboration
Posted by Doug Walters on 8th April 2014
In an attempt to simplify the picture to aid business-leaders' understanding, consultants often present a two-dimensional picture of cloud topologies (Private -> Public; IaaS -> SaaS.) It's my opinion that by doing so, they do their clients a disservice - failing to grasp that there are FOUR dimensions to the cloud-scape only causes confused conversations and leads to inappropriate decisions.

There are several “cloud formations” - or forms of cloud computing. Each offers different characteristics, varying degrees of flexibility, different collaborative opportunities, and different risks. Thus a key challenge when considering cloud computing as an option is to determine how to choose the cloud formation best suited to our various types of business operations.

The objective is to enable secure collaboration in the appropriate cloud formations best suited to the business needs.

The aim of this paper is to:

• Explain that not everything is best implemented in clouds; it may be best to operate some business functions using a traditional non-cloud approach
• Explain the different cloud formations
• Describe key characteristics, benefits and risks of each cloud formation
• Provide a framework for exploring in more detail the nature of different cloud formations and the issues that need answering to make them safe and secure places to work in.

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Cloud Computing - the Death Knell for the IT Department?
Posted by Doug Walters on 15th November 2013
It is my belief that IT staff are wrong to fear wholesale job cuts or restricted career progression opportunities as a result of a move to Cloud technology.

As organizations move email and other infrastructure (such as backups, file servers, third party applications, etc) to the cloud, the need for day-to-day device monitoring by staff deceases. Before the cloud, the technical support team spent much of their time monitoring and/or recovering all devices, systems, etc to make sure they were available for business operations.

However, in my opinion, Cloud computing will not eliminate the need for the IT team but it will shift the roles that the IT staff play within an organization.

What’s different?

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