Who we are
User-EA Ltd is a “virtual consultancy" - small enough to ensure a consistent and personal focus on our clients but through a network of associates who think the same way as we do, we have the capacity to deliver a solution.

We are passionate about architecture as a means of adding value to the business, to government and through those channels, to society. Architecture is the only way to shape IT to drive down costs AND improve service.

“From Cradle to Grave”

What we do
Doug Walters & Associates provide Enterprise Architecture & IT Strategy consulting services, specialising in defining future-proofed business solutions (end-to-end technology and processes) which are aligned with your core business services.

Our key differentiators from other SME consulting services:
A wide ranging and deep knowledge based on 36 years in IT, in almost every role imaginable within IT (and some business-focussed roles.) Our views are based on a highly-analytical, fact-based approach coupled with real life experience in the trenches.

We provide impartial, straightforward advice and a totally committed approach to help you make cost-effective use of IT. We also have an ethical approach, based on some very clear and transparent principles.

We not only paint the blue-sky picture; we also provide practical advice, guidance and technical skills to help you get there in the most cost-effective manner, while containing or mitigating your risk – thoughtful action!
USER-EA (User-centric, Simple, Easy-to-Follow, Relevant) - our Method
Our approach, USER-EA[TM} (Useful, Simple, Easy to follow and Relevant) is consistent across all phases of the e2e Solution Life Cycle. It is not a Governance framework or Project Management lifecycle, or a Development Methodology - it is all of them, implemented in a way that is complementary AND coherent. All of the pieces (services) of USER-EA[TM] can be contracted individually and deliver real cost-effective benefits, but the value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and you can implement them pretty much in whatever order is appropriate for your priorities.
USER-EA[TM] is based on the experiences, relationships and collateral built up over 37 years. None of the components of USER-EA[TM] is really new, although in some cases they were new when we initially embraced them. Consequently, they are proven, but no one has had the patience (stupidity?) to spend the time to bring it all together, identify what works together and adapt it, and throw away what doesn’t. The large consultancies say they do this, but in practice, they have different groups (with ever-changing personnel) working in silos and charging a fortune.

“A SIMPLE and PRACTICAL example of architectural thinking”

The image above might seem banal, even a bit silly, but it is actually a good example of how architectural thinking can be used to practical advantage by summarising options and guiding choices. This becomes even more valuable when you factor in even more inter-dependent components - in this example, the PBX options, the Communication Lines options etc etc.
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