"A strong work ethic and commitment go without saying but Doug is prepared to "tell it like it is" even when this news will not be welcomed and where it may go against the perceived wisdom of the organisation or governance team. This introduces a valuable "checks and balances" aspect to projects & programmes that may be tempted to steam ahead without due consideration - either of the implications of the initial design or of the consequences of change.

In my experience, Doug's approach represents a welcome amalgamation of Enterprise and Solution Architect skills and knowledge, taking a hands on approach where appropriate but also aiming to come up with a solution that is Enterprise in its characteristics, bridging the gap between blue-cloud and silo-thinking. His advice has been taken on board by both recipient IT organisations and contributed to the operation of their existing IT estates as well as the integration of the products/services the project was tasked to deliver."
Tim Watts, Head of Delivery Management, Ministry of Justice ICT

"Doug has done an excellent job for HouseMark in reviewing our enterprise architecture and helping us come up with the right solutions, at the right price, to take our business forward. He goes the extra mile on many an occasion, and has helped focus us not just on our IT requirements but on our business vision and strategy too. He is straight-talking (a good thing!) and can do IT-speak in layperson's terms. He has provided great value for money, and I am hoping we can retain him to help coordinate some of the implementation and negotiation required going forward to implement the solutions he has worked with us on."
Samantha McGrady - Chief Operating Officer at HouseMark

“Doug Walters introduced me to PowerPivot in Excel. Previously I’d been mimicking data cubes in Excel by stitching trend data together with vlookups, but PowerPivot can link timed data to demographic characteristics in much the same way as an OLAP tool – but for a fraction of the cost. For one report alone I estimate that this saved me about 30 hours’ work – around a third of the total time I planned to spend on it – which meant I could put more effort into the value adding analysis work. Doug’s knowledge of the right tool pitched to the right level of IT expertise had a really positive impact on my work and has made the company more efficient.”
John Wickenden - Data Analysis Manager at HouseMark

“Doug is an IT strategist and architect with great insight into the power of service oriented architecture and its long-term value to the business. Plain-speaking, with little time for politics, he is passionate about aligning IT and enterprise strategy.”
Matthew Fellowes - Head of Digital Strategy at The Law Society of England & Wales

"Doug is a very experienced and capable architect/consultant with significant expertise, especially in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Clearly demonstrated a strong IT management and strategic consultancy background, nationally and internationally, as he exudes confidence even at the most senior levels in large organisations."
Mike Williams - Enterprise Architect (colleague at DWP)

"I worked with Doug at the Law Society as a Project Manager supporting the Solutions Architecture planning and reporting. I found Doug extremely conscientious with an ability to think outside the current infrastructure to future proof an organisations security, architecture and data retrieval/archiving needs. He is a focused and personable individual who would be classed as an asset to any organisation that is undergoing business and technical transformation. He is client centric and can communicate his vision in a positive manner, identifying best practice and architectural solutions."
Jeanette Jennings - Project Manager

"Doug is a great guy to work with, he tells it like it is, good bad or indifferent. He knows his stuff, and his vast array of experience means he is an excellent person to have heading up your team. With Doug around things get done, he is very committed, and does what it takes to achieve the goals set out in any project he is working on. Personally he is a great character and there is never a dull moment with Doug around. I have no hesitation in recommending Doug to prospective employers."
Darren Porter - Consultant IdentiProducts

"Doug is one of a very rare breed, a senior manager who can work at the strategic level without losing sight of the technical details. He has made an enormous contribution to the Caseflow project, continually providing leadership and direction for the many organisations involved, and working on strategy, project management, technical design, and architecture. Despite the many demands on him, Doug always found time to help and support my colleagues and me and to respond to my requests. I would certainly recommend Doug. Top qualities: very personable, highly professional, tireless, and a boundless source of knowledge."
Gerard Begley - Operations Director, Egis Projects

"Doug is an excellent and pragmatic architect who is able to influence and assist a wide range of stakeholders. His technical knowledge and problem solving are also excellent, and he is often able to rescue situations that seem doomed to fail. I have no hesitation in recommended Doug and look forward to working with him again in the future."
Kieran Hoban - Consultant at Acheeva Consulting

Thanks again for your sterling work under difficult circumstances. I really appreciated it.
Kevin Redford - PETRA (Citizens Advice) Project Manager (CGI)

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