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“Doug Walters & Associates uses and recommends Right Consultant to source specialist skilled resources and ad hoc technical services”

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About Right Consultant

What we do
Right Consultant sets the standard for web-based Professional Services Relationship Management. Our service matches consultants and clients and provides each with the tools to manage their relationship up to and beyond their first meeting.

Who we are
Possessing a deep understanding of the issues of offering and procuring consultancy services, the founder of Right Consultant established an IT consultancy practice in 1991, and has worked with some of the biggest companies in the UK.

Why we do it
Right Consultant originally offered a consultants’ directory service. Through market research, consultants told us they wanted more from our services. From across the consultancy sector our research revealed that many were dissatisfied with using websites that treated high level skills and expertise as a commodity. Right Consultant was reborn as a different type of website, providing the opportunity for high level consultants offering professional services to differentiate their value based on expertise and not price.

Who we do it for
Key areas for consultancy work categorised on the site include Corporate Strategy, Economic and Environmental Studies, Engineering and Safety, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, ICT, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Production and Services Management and; Project Management.

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