Case Study & Testimonials - HouseMark (The Value of USER-EA)

HouseMark is a small (just over 50 staff) membership organisation that provides Data Analysis and Business Insight services to the not-for-profit Social Housing sector. Although small, their membership includes the majority of the Housing Associations within the sector, and their status is well-established.

However, this is a sector that is undergoing tremendous change, with a shift in focus from national audit inspections and benchmarked performance, to the provision of Value For Money services based measured by client scrutiny. The pressure to transform and to do so quickly is intensified because existing players in the sector are threatened by privately-funded, commercial entrants. As Housing Associations must change, so too must HouseMark

Doug Walters & Associates undertook an assignment to define an Enterprise Architecture and develop an IT Roadmap of change projects for HouseMark

Doug Walters & Associates:
• Defined the target architecture based on a hybrid of Cloud-based and on-premise solutions using for CRM, Finance, Collaboration and Data Analysis services.
• Produced the Enterprise IT Strategy and 2013 – 2015 project roadmaps and associated high-level Business Case.
• Outlined the Data Migration process from Lotus Notes to the target architecture, including MS Dynamics CRM
• Assisted HouseMark with the redefinition of their offer through innovative but realistic, technology-based ideas.
Sam McGrady - Chief Operating Officer, HouseMark

"Doug has done an excellent job for HouseMark in reviewing our enterprise architecture and helping us come up with the right solutions, at the right price, to take our business forward. He goes the extra mile on many an occasion, and has helped focus us not just on our IT requirements but on our business vision and strategy too. He is straight-talking (a good thing!) and can do IT-speak in layperson's terms. He has provided great value for money, and I am hoping we can retain him to help coordinate some of the implementation and negotiation required going forward to implement the solutions he has worked with us on."
John Wickenden - Data Analysis Manager
"Doug Walters introduced me to PowerPivot in Excel. Previously I’d been mimicking data cubes in Excel by stitching trend data together with vlookups, but PowerPivot can link timed data to demographic characteristics in much the same way as an OLAP tool – but for a fraction of the cost. For one report alone I estimate that this saved me about 30 hours’ work – around a third of the total time I planned to spend on it – which meant I could put more effort into the value adding analysis work. Doug’s knowledge of the right tool pitched to the right level of IT expertise had a really positive impact on my work and has made the company more efficient."

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