Case Study & Testimonials - Caseflow Project (USER-EA: Delivery Approach)
The Caseflow project was a joint endeavour involving Ministry of Justice (Employment Tribunals Service – ETS) and the Advisory, Conciliation, Arbitration Service – ACAS, with the intent to implement separate instances of a Case Management solution with Shared Processes and Collaboration across a B2B interface. Originally a project between two groups in the same government department (DTI) reorganisations meant that by 2007, ETS was now part of Ministry of Justice and within the Government Secure Network (GSI), and ACAS was classed as a Non-Departmental Government Body (NDGB) outside the GSI.

By 2007, the project had collapsed as the solution failed to exit testing and the solution developer / integrator entered into insolvency. Solution development was handed over to a software house outside the UK (Eire) and MoJ set up an internal team to manage system integration (outside the mainstream DISC contract operated by ATOS Origin and Logica.)

In 2007, Doug Walters & Associates were contracted to provide technical leadership to the internal technical implementation teams (infrastructure deployment, testing, training and service support) of both ETS and ACAS. The assignment also involved technical assurance of the work of the solution developer.

This assignment involved significant challenges: secure integration of two solutions across the boundary of the GSI; assurance of solution development by a non-UK company; definition and implementation of support services involving a non-UK software developer, the first line support desks of two separate organisations straddling the GSI boundary; and encompassing the wider service support arrangement of the MoJ DISC contract.

Throughout the period 2007 to February 2010, Doug Walters managed the Technical Working Group (the joint internal systems integration team) and was its representative on and reported to the joint Technical Governance Group. From these inauspicious circumstances, the project overcame the technical challenges and entered into a successful pilot in February 2010.

Tim Watts, Caseflow Project Manager, ICT Stream

"A strong work ethic and commitment go without saying but Doug is prepared to "tell it like it is" even when this news will not be welcomed and where it may go against the perceived wisdom of the organisation or governance team. This introduces a valuable "checks and balances" aspect to projects & programmes that may be tempted to steam ahead without due consideration - either of the implications of the initial design or of the consequences of change.

In my experience, Doug's approach represents a welcome amalgamation of Enterprise and Solution Architect skills and knowledge, taking a hands on approach where appropriate but also aiming to come up with a solution that is Enterprise in its characteristics, bridging the gap between blue-cloud and silo-thinking. His advice has been taken on board by both recipient IT organisations and contributed to the operation of their existing IT estates as well as the integration of the products/services the project was tasked to deliver."
Darren Porter - ACAS ICT Project Manager (Caseflow)
"Doug is a great guy to work with, he tells it like it is, good bad or indifferent. He knows his stuff, and his vast array of experience means he is an excellent person to have heading up your team. With Doug around things get done, he is very committed, and does what it takes to achieve the goals set out in any project he is working on. Personally he is a great character and there is never a dull moment with Doug around. I have no hesitation in recommending Doug to prospective employers."

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