USER-EA - Delivery Approach
Delivery Methodology

This presentation provides an introduction to the approach that Doug Walters & Associates take to deliver solutions.

It is loosely-based on DSDM - an approach dating back to 1994. As a relatively mature "lightweight" project management and delivery methodology, it played a major part in the foundation of the Agile movement in 2001. However, pre-dating Agile, and to a large extent developing in parallel to Prince II, it has learned to coexist happily with the beneficial aspects of "waterfall" approaches without subscribing to the heavyweight (time-consuming and costly) burdens of masses of documentation and an army of assurance staff that often accompanies Prince II.

The presentation provides a taster, and there is an accompanying Case Study and Testimonials, but if you want to hear more, contact us

“Greta Garbo said "Putting sound on a movie is like putting lipstick on the Mona Lisa" - this is a silent movie, but there is sufficient content for it to be self-explanatory”

Project Management for USER-EA[TM]

The suggestion in this short video is that the style of project management adopted for any given implementation project should be dictated by and aligned with the type of solution that will be delivered (something which has an existence and a lifespan that extends beyond the end of the implementation project) rather than to fit a transient process such as a project governance cycle.
Note - USER-EA[TM] has a very clear approach to ensure that the delivery method can be accommodated within standard SDLC governance frameworks

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“Project Management for USER-EA[TM]

“Approach to Implementation[TM]

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