USER-EA: Legacy Migration & Cloud Adoption Roadmaps

“What should we do, and in what order?”

Legacy Migration & Cloud Adoption Roadmaps

Doug Walters’s first programme to migrate an entire IT estate (for a SME Regional Building Society) in 1991 was considered a success on most counts; but the customer experience on “go live” with the new systems was a painful one which has never been forgotten.

Doug was engaged in 1984 as IT Manager at a SME Regional Building Society that was not only rare at the time for having Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) core systems but also because the society had its own development team, and sold its software (via ICL) to other small societies.

Having initially sweated the IT assets with some innovative technology enhancements, the decision was taken to replace all existing systems with a customer centric solution based on Unisys platforms. Undertaking its own Systems Integration and supplementing internal resource with contract staff, data migration was achieved and the books were balanced. Although there were some initial teething problems (the inevitable backlog of bugs to be fixed, and changes to be made) everyone was delighted with the new solutions

However, Doug’s abiding memory of the experience is of the headlines in local and regional newspapers, relating stories of queues tailing back outside the doors of branches around the region. Despite technically working well, the customer’s first experience of the new system was tedious and frustrating as new passbooks (remember them?) were printed with customer details.

That haunting memory has shaped Doug Walters’ thinking on migration strategies ever since, always adopting a phased (service-oriented) approach based on a clear and strategic roadmap. Doug Walters & Associates specialise in working with clients to agree strategic roadmaps for Legacy Migration and Cloud Adoption.

Follow this link to view a presentation (suitably anonymised) which was the outcome of a Roadmap study

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