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Service contracts - what is in them?
Posted by Doug Walters on 31st October 2013

Service Contracts are the core construct of SOA

Business design is set to undergo a dramatic transformation. The convergence of ecosystem automation and autonomics, architecture for continuously evolving business, together with the merger of consumer and business IT will have a profound impact on conventional business models, which will in turn affect business modeling techniques and enterprise architecture.

The original SOA vision of the enterprise as a network of services is now attainable by many enterprises. But the route to the Service Oriented Enterprise is not so direct; it must evolve and integrate with an ecosystem of services that reflects business reality.

This article discusses the evolution above, and provides access to a Service Contract template

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Service Oriented Architecture Design Concept
Posted by Doug Walters on 31st October 2013

SOA is a Design Concept, not a technology

In 1998 - 2001 my team and I designed and implemented a SOA e-Services platform for a retail Bank in the Middle East. This was at a time when the use of XML was in its infancy, SOAP was still on the drawing board, and REST wasn't a pervasive design pattern. Download this pdf to understand why we were able to do this.....

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Purpose of the Semantic Model
Posted by Doug Walters on 27th October 2013
I have spent the weekend checking my banks statements for the last 3 months, changing online banking access codes and cancelling debit cards – it will take about 10 working days to get replacements, so the inconvenience will be considerable. I received a letter on Friday morning (15th November) from a Cloud Service provider that I use, informing me that their security had been breached (in September) - “customer names, payment card expiration dates, encrypted payment card numbers…in addition the third party used our systems to decrypt some card numbers…”

After wondering why it had taken so long to inform me and making note to self – not all cloud services are equal (services such as those provided by Microsoft have collected a slew of security ad compliance accreditations; not all cloud service providers have been so assiduous) I was prompted to consider a conversation I had recently, about the Semantic Web and how it could provide an answer to the problem of storing and managing personal data…

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