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A Practical Example of Architectural Alignment
Posted by Doug Walters on 9th April 2014
I was in London this week for a series of meetings. Unfortunately, my meetings on Tuesday afternoon were cancelled, so I had an afternoon to occupy – not a problem I thought, as I had a mountain of emails on which to catch up, and a number of overdue tasks on my todo list.

So I returned to my hotel room, changed into “civvies” and started to take advantage of the free wi-fi. After about 30 minutes, I lost my train of thought and suddenly thought “what the hell am I doing? It's a sunny (if a little chilly) spring day in London; rarely, I have no commitments; and I'm sitting in a dim and poky hotel room doing emails.” With an out-of-character display of impulsive spirit, I grabbed my jacket and walked into the sunshine. I walked through Hyde Park and into Knightsbridge, eventually walking past the Brompton Oratory, a magnificent building well worth a visit to London on its own, and decided to dive into the V&A Museum to pass a couple of hours.

The mission statement for the V&A is “To be the world's leading museum of art and design. To enrich people's lives and inspire individuals and everyone in the creative industries, through the promotion of knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the designed world.” Its strategic objectives are:

1. To provide diverse audiences with the best quality experience and optimum access to our collections, physically and digitally
2. To be acknowledged and respected internationally as the world's leading museum of art and design
3. To promote, develop and contribute to the UK creative economy by leading the field in debate, inspiring designers and makers, commissioning excellent design and stimulating enjoyment and appreciation of art, design and performance
4. To operate with financial and organisational initiative and efficiency

I spent a couple of hours mooching around the museum generally, and the William Kent exhibition in particular – which certainly seemed to prove that the V&A is succeeding in strategic objectives 1 & 2. However, other aspects of the of the museums’ operation seem to focus on strategic objective 4 to the exclusion of the others. Let me explain…

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