The two faces of the NHS - IT's contribution?
Posted by Doug Walters on 3rd January 2014
Just before Christmas, I had an operation to remove my epididymis; this was the culmination of a TWO YEAR journey in terms of this particular medical problem, during which I experienced the best and worst of the National Health System, which was particularly interesting, since I was a patient at Furness General Hospital, one of the NHS Trusts central to the recent national news headlines about the state of the NHS. My conclusion is that there are some fantastic people working in the NHS, and they tell me that there are some fantastic systems supporting surgical operations – but that there are some real issues in terms of systems which support the "front-of-house" which play a significant part in dragging the reputation of this great British institution through the mud. The lesson would seem to be that, as always, the proportion of attention to each element of the eternal triangle - cost, functionality and quality needs to be appropriate to the purpose of the system. and that doesn't seem to be the case here

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How many Architects does it take to change a light bulb?
Posted by Doug Walters on 1st January 2014
After reading my article The problem with (too many) Project Managers a very good friend of mine, who is a Project Manager by trade, conceded that I had a point, but then continued with "but don't get me started on how many architects it takes to change a light bulb!" While I maintain that the IT world would be a better place if there were more good architects and they were given more influence, I must admit that the architecture fraternity seems hell-bent on undermining its own credibility.

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Do Architects spend too much time on theological debate and not enough time on evangelical action?
Posted by Doug Walters on 27th November 2013
I am a member of a number of different architecture forums on LinkedIn. I follow discussions avidly and occasionally post when I feel I have something of value to contribute. Over time, I have become increasingly aware that many threads reveal striking divisions within the profession of Architecture. I warmly welcome healthy debate, but all too often I see protagonists of different camps simply scoring points.

As architects, are we spending too much time on introspective debate about definitions and methodology and not enough time “spreading the gospel?”

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Cloud Computing - the Death Knell for the IT Department?
Posted by Doug Walters on 15th November 2013
It is my belief that IT staff are wrong to fear wholesale job cuts or restricted career progression opportunities as a result of a move to Cloud technology.

As organizations move email and other infrastructure (such as backups, file servers, third party applications, etc) to the cloud, the need for day-to-day device monitoring by staff deceases. Before the cloud, the technical support team spent much of their time monitoring and/or recovering all devices, systems, etc to make sure they were available for business operations.

However, in my opinion, Cloud computing will not eliminate the need for the IT team but it will shift the roles that the IT staff play within an organization.

What’s different?

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ARTiculation for Action for Children 2013
Posted by Doug Walters on 15th November 2013
I wrote the attached article after I spent a weekend helping out at a residential event In Crewe funded and organised by Action for Children, with young people and carers attending from projects all over the UK. I saw first hand how hard the team worked to make the event a huge success, and the transformational impact that it had on the young people who attended.

Please take the time to read the attached article to get an inkling of the wonderful work performed by the projects funded by Action for Children. Thanks

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