Service Oriented Architecture Design Concept
Posted by Doug Walters on 31st October 2013

SOA is a Design Concept, not a technology

In 1998 - 2001 my team and I designed and implemented a SOA e-Services platform for a retail Bank in the Middle East. This was at a time when the use of XML was in its infancy, SOAP was still on the drawing board, and REST wasn't a pervasive design pattern. Download this pdf to understand why we were able to do this.....
We were able to succeed because we treated Service Oriented Architecture as a Design Concept, rather than as a technology solution. The pervasive adoption of web services technology in the last 15 years has created a fog around SOA, to the extent that many believe Web Services = SOA. This is not the case and has done real damage to the cause of SOA adoption

Understanding the problem space that SOA addresses, and the core Principles of the SOA Design concept, as expressed in non-technical terms in this document, explains why we were able to claim that we had built a SOA solution without any of the technologies commonly believed to be essential.

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