Byte Night North West
Posted by Doug Walters on 26th October 2013

“We made it! Byte Night 2014 raises over £1 million”

Byte Night is an annual event which sees over 1,200 people from the IT industry sleep out under the stars – to raise money for leading children's charity Action for Children (formerly NCH). In 2013 we had sleep outs taking place in the Thames Valley, London, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and Edinburgh and in 2014 we added Bristol. The money raised goes towards supporting programmes local to those areas.

The scene as everyone settled down for the night!

Since 1998 this event has raised over £5.2 million and this year we have already raised an additional £1m. The money raised helps support young homeless people, particularly those that are forced to leave the local authority care system at 16 and end up with nowhere to go. They end up on the streets; they get exploited; they turn to drugs for a 'release'; they turn to prostitution to pay for the drugs. It's a downward spiral.

I know this because I have spoken to them. They are children. They often run away from abusive homes. They do not want to be homeless. And Action for Children gathers them up, cares for them, helps them, and gives them the support they need to get their lives back on track. That's why we do Byte Night.

Some snapshots from the night in 2013; the inevitable speeches, some quizzes to pass the time away, and some really heart-rending film clips and stories to highlight the plight of too many children in the UK

We slept out again this year (October 4th 2014) at the Piazza in Manchester's MediaCityUK. It was a relatively dry night, but there was cruel wind gusting in off the quayside - thanks God I could go home to a warm bed the following morning

“Grandson Josh, and on the second picture you can see me in the background centre”

“Some scenes from the 2014 sleep out”

A taster of the fantastic work performed by Action for Children

Download the attached PDF - a letter from Action for Children Chairman, Sir Tony Hawksworth, thanking Doug Walters & Associates for it fundraising efforts in 2014, and outlining some of the fantastic work that the funds raised will support



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